Phāea Blue Villa

The Phaea Blue Villa is the heart and soul of Blue Palace, capturing the very essence of the Greek summer. The expansive indoor space features an airy open-plan living area, so you can sit back & contemplate life. Imagine a stay where your every desire is anticipated and catered to by a dedicated butler, ensuring that your needs are met with the utmost attention and care.

Original Greek Artwork & High-End Craftsmanship

Bespoke interior furnishings feel like they have been curated by a thoughtful elegant host. The villa features unique pieces, such as the iconic Klismos chairs, designed by  T.H. Robsjohn Gibbings, manufactured by the house of Saridis in the 60’s, and inspired by ancient Greek vases. Original artwork by contemporary Greek artists Panayotis Alexiou, Philippos Theodorides and Iannis Ganas.

​Outdoor living
​Outdoor living is at its finest in this villa and offers the perfect backdrop for a bonding experience. Expansive gardens and a beautiful private heated pool offer unparalleled views to the Aegean Sea and Spinalonga island. Plenty of dining areas, barbeque facilities, shaded nooks and lush nature are part of the experience. ​We invite you to take in the spectacular view, which is set among fragrant gardens of purely indigenous species.​

Suite 2 Level 4
123 Clarence Street
NSW 2000. Australia
+61 447 526 229

Level 1,
464 High Street,
VIC 3181